Card Access Systems

  • Door Access Systems

    • Brivo ACS WebService™ (pdf) - ACS WebService can control access to multiple sites. Unlimited scalability and the power of 24/7, professionally staffed Alarm Center give you a system that is flexible, powerful, and secure. All you need to administer the system—including every site, user, door, and camera—is any standard Web browser and Internet access.

    • GE Alliance (pdf) - Alliance combines alarm, access and video surveillance to provide greater effi ciency and effectiveness of the security function within any organisation.

  • Electronic Door Systems

  • Personel Safety Systems

  • Proximity Card Key Systems

  • Swipe Card Key Systems

  • Access by Authority Level

  • Photo Identification Systems

  • On-Site PC Controlled Systems

  • Networked Server Controlled Systems

Camera & Recording Systems

  • IP and Analog Cameras

  • Remote Viewing DVRs and Servers

  • Live View and Recorded Events


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